Project Overview:

Why Work at Intellias?
Ranked #1 by Forbes for IT Services in Ukraine (#5 across all industries), and ‘Employer of Choice for Professionals’ by EY. For the past 19 years our 2,500 in-house technologists have helped thousands of clients engineer great products and services across 10 offices and delivery locations throughout the world.
Serving a range of company sizes, from Fortune 500 large enterprises to small and medium size businesses, including early-stage tech innovators/start-ups, our superior software engineering qualities extend across 11 key industries including Automotive, Transportation/Logistics, Banking/Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom and more.
The company’s double-digit growth over the past five years has awarded venture capital investment from Horizon Capital, the largest private equity fund in Ukraine.
Intellias has been featured in the 2019 Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, is recognized by Inc. 5000, and acknowledged in the GSA UK Awards.

What is it like to work at Intellias:
Imagine that you’ve created a company of your own. It’s innovative, trustworthy, and open-minded. And it’s exactly what Intellias is like. We’ve built our company on the principles of respect and support, and we’re happy to invite you to join. Working at Intellias is:

  • Acting humanly. Intellias has no place for discrimination, artificial hierarchies, pressure, or toxicity. We foster a culture of openness and caring, efforts, and results;
  • People over processes. Our processes are constantly evolving to become more convenient and provide a positive experience for everyone who works here;
  • Smart comfort. Intellias has an entire system designed for its employees to feel comfortable—both physically and emotionally. It includes fully equipped workplaces, airy lounge rooms, and many more;
  • You manage your time. Colleagues can start and stop their time tracker, whenever they want, without asking their managers’ permission to go to their dentist’s appointment or visit their kids’ school play;
  • Mature engineers. Over 60% of our team are software engineers with Senior and higher qualifications. Buckle up, it’s Formula 1 of software engineering;
  • Ecomobility. We want to see our cities eco-friendly and sustainable. That’s why we foster a cycling culture on our team and reduce waste.

We’re searching for Senior Talent Delivery Specialist to join our local Intellias team in Bulgaria to support location growth.

Four reasons for joining our team:

  • You will work with challenging vacancies for middle+ levels or niche ones in most cases and will never be bored;
  • You will receive experience in closing vacancies in different technical directions: Java, Scala, C++, .NET, Python, Automation, etc;
  • You will have a really great team & support in any question;
  • It may not always be easy but always exciting.
Talent Delivery Manager, Bulgaria
Chudomir Dimitrov
  • Full life-cycle recruitment from the understanding of vacancy's requirements, sourcing of candidates, pro-active search, networking, interviewing candidates to negotiating potential offers;
  • Build strong partnerships with candidates and project/delivery managers during recruiting process, counseling managers on candidate selection;
  • Ensuring positive candidate experience, providing relevant feedback in time;
  • Operate as the expert on recruitment local specifics and best practices, monitoring new trends and other useful data to improve the productivity and recruitment process overall;
  • Job market analysis and reviews making;
  • Work to develop the employer brand locally through advertising, participation of local hiring events, etc.
  • Minimum of 3+ years' experience in IT recruiting, with a specific focus on the Bulgarian market in recent years, which is a vital prerequisite for this role;
  • Experience in candidate selection, pre-screening, and conducting interviews;
  • Good knowledge and experience in the full recruitment lifecycle, including familiarity with different recruitment practices, interviewing types, and techniques;
  • Strong knowledge of the local market's specific laws and regulations related to recruitment, as well as familiarity with the most effective recruitment techniques influencing successful hiring;
  • Strong networking abilities, exceptional communication skills, and effective presentation and negotiation capabilities;
  • A committed, enthusiastic, and flexible approach to work;
  • At least an Upper-Intermediate level of English proficiency;
  • An IT background is highly desirable and considered a significant advantage;
  • Candidates with a background in prominent outsourcing companies will be highly valued.


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