Project Overview:

Intellias is a mid-market software engineering pure-play player with offices in Chicago (US), Munich (DE), Guildford (UK), Dubai (UAE), and engineering hubs in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Colombia, and India. Traditionally, Intellias has been particularly strong in serving clients in Mobility, Telecom & Media, Financial Services & Insurance, Retail and Digital, with a robust footprint in EU (especially DACH region) and in the USA, including Fortune 500 companies. The company unites 3200 IT professionals, is founder-led and backed by private equity fund Horizon Capital. Intellias is one of the fastest growing software engineering pure-plays in CEE, growing 40-50% YoY.

Intellias is known as an employer of choice, scoring at the very top of relevant league tables in terms of employee’s satisfaction in the locations where it is active. The company is featured in the Inc 5000 Europe, IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, E&Y and Forbes Ukraine tops.

Who we are looking for:
Following the rapid growth over the last 5 years, we have been investing in the build-up of our international sales organization and are currently searching for the Director Business Development Financial Services & Insurance, North America reporting globaly into the SVP Head of Sales FS&I and regionally to the VP NA.

This performance-based role is critical in helping Intellias to scale its business development capability by leading, for now a small sales team and self-contributing, as well as drive towards and close strategic deals. With your expertise and your own relations to the right decision makers in banking and insurance , you will be able to bridge the gap between the current position of our Company and what it strives to become. We expect to hire for this role someone, who is on the one site-hands on in generating and closing new opportunities and on the other side driving the strategic growth, willing to grow the organization led by him. We expect a leadership by example mindset.

What we offer:
Intellias offers a challenge and reward of growing the Company’s presence on the FS&I market in North America and wants our new Director participate in and benefit from focusing the Company’s sales energy on the most dynamic technology sectors.

Дарія Ковтун
  • Lead by example, show your team how to create new business with new logos and how to expand business in current customers by getting to new stakeholders not yet covered.
  • Create new opportunities with new logos based on your own established relations and contacts.
  • Establish, lead and grow a dynamic, for now small, sales organization.
  • Onboard and mentor a team of Sales Representatives bearing quotas, set and track revenue targets for each Representative ensuring your organization quota is met.
  • Setup, operate and continuously improve sales process in your sales organization aligned with the global FS&I segment.
  • Create and manage an opportunity pipeline towards new sales wins.
  • Navigate Intellias on its path of finding and building relationships with key decision-makers in the Fortune 2000 businesses on the global market.
  • Negotiate contracts and close deals.
  • Help to bridge the gap between Intellias offerings and Client needs.
  • Build and communicate the value proposition of Intellias services and expertise.
  • Nurture and share the Company’s vision.
  • You have outstanding leadership and managerial skills, but also willing to combine them with own fieldwork.
  • You have a deep understanding of Enterprise B2B Sales with a focus on IT Outsourcing/Software engineering fields.
  • Strong network and relations to customers and understanding of market dynamics of the FS&I industry.
  • Sales evangelist and expert communicator (10+ years of professional experience).
  • You enjoy challenging the way decision-makers think and provide them new ways to deal with their challenges.
  • You know how to paint a future vision for clients and prospects with the help of our expertise.
  • You are “out-of-the-box” thinker trying to figure out how to gain traction in this new space (e.g. new markets).
  • You are passionate about cutting-edge technologies and the way they change the world.
  • You are motivated by commission-based income and are willing to expend the energy and time needed to achieve sales goals.



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